Every Naza24 year in July in London the best tennis players of the world come together. On the holy grass of Wimbledon they play the best tennis games. Everybody wants to win Wimbledon because it s the most famous Grand Slam of the season. Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament of the world and it is the biggest tournament on real grass. At Wimbledon players need to wear white clothes because that is required if you want to play at Wimbledon. Wimbledon is a classic and traditional tournament and they have some rules. Every year a lot of people watch Wimbledon and it is also possible to Bet on Wimbledon. On this page we tell you all about Wimbledon and each year we give you our predictions and the best betting tips.

Bet on Wimbledon at online betting websites
Since a few years it is possible to bet on Wimbledon. Online betting websites now offer a lot of tournament bets and match bets. It is also possible to place live bets during the games at Wimbledon. Tennis is a very interesting game to bet on because during a game a lot happens. And Wimbledon is extra interesting because all games are broadcasted live on international TV. You can watch a game on TV and place some bets before or during the game. It makes watching Wimbledon even better. And when you use our betting tips and predictions you can increase your winning chances.

On this page you find our predictions and our best betting tips for Wimbledon. And when you want to place a few bets during the tournament you can use one of the available welcome bonuses at our betting partners. Below you find an overview with reliable and recommended betting websites. We tested them all on security and reliability. we made interesting deals with the betting websites. You can collect free bets or free play money when you start playing at one of them. In the table you can exactly see what kind of bonus you can collect when you join a betting website. We recommend Bethard and Betvictor as the best betting partners.
Wimbledon 2018 – Predictions
When we look at Wimbledon 2018 we see a few interesting things at the bookmakers. Yet again Grass master Roger Federer is favorite to win the tournament. He is playing decent tennis the last few grass tournaments and the bookmakers think he is in form for the main event in London. Last year Roger Fereder managed to win his 8th Wimbledon trophee and everubody around the legend had tears in their eyes because this was a legendary achievement.

Federe won Wimbledon 2017 without losing a set and he is only the second player that achieved this. this year he will turn 337 so last years achievement was an outstanding one. And everybody must admit that Federer is the best ever grass player. In my opinion Federer is one of the favorites but he is approaching the end of his career. Can he win Wimbledon again? I think he can’t but the bookmakers do think he can.

I recommend to bet on a few other players. A few outsiders. When you bet on the outsiders you will get the best odds. Underneath you find the actual odds for the Wimbledon winners at our preferred betting partner Bethard. When you wanna bet on the winner of Wimbledon you can click the Bet now button or the odds behind the player you wanna bet on.

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