Desert Legends Spins Slot Overview

Over millennia, the desert has buried pharaohs and civilisations, adding to its mystery and folklore. As Desert Legends Spins from Max Win Gaming is an Ancient Egyptian-themed game, we’re talking about the Sahara Desert. One mystery of the Sahara Desert is that it was green thousands of years ago, like the verdant African savanna. Many theories explain why the terrain altered so drastically, but one thing is for sure: online slots are found in the seas of sand. Check out Max Win Gaming’s contribution.

Desert Legends Spins has no bonus round. Thus, the scenery never changes. The image of two statues guarding a game grid surrounded by hieroglyphs, flora, and other decorations is pretty much all, so hopefully you like it. Animated moments happen, but this is it. Not an awful perspective, but Desert Legends Spins loves to keep to one or two things, so daydreamers may daydream while playing.

Desert Legends Spins has 5 reels, 3 rows, and 10 paylines on an elevated area. The game evaluates victories using adjacent payouts. Getting 3 or more symbols on a payline wins, regardless of where they are on the reels. Low volatility Desert Legends Spins offers an RTP of 95.71% and accepts 20 p/c to £/€60 bets.

Some Desert Legends Spins icons provide a semi-land impression. We have clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades on casino chips for modest payments, and J through A on four premium character symbols. The best 5-of-a-kind winnings are 10 times the stake for low-paying symbols and 30 to 150 times the wager for high-paying symbols. Desert Legends Spins contains no wild, bonus, or scatter symbols.

Features of Desert Legends Slots

Desert Legends Spins has fewer features than diet soda, so sneezing will skip this section. Mystery and random coins are here. Hopefully, you love mystery coins.

Mystery Coins

Mystery coins appear randomly on reels. All nearby mystery coins flip to the same payout symbol when they hit.

Mystery Coins Random

At random, scarab beetles may fly over the game grid and drop mystery coins to produce wins.

Desert Legends Spins Slot Review

Desert Legends Spins is simple. It feels like a project abandoned halfway through, then quickly finished and distributed for fun. Mystery coins and random mystery coins work nicely with nearby payments, but that’s all. Desert Legends Spins was okay at first, but without a bonus round or a nice location, it grew repetitive. Mystery symbols can only take a game so far.

Desert Legends Spins was fine while the mystery coins carried. The neighboring payouts method keeps things intriguing, but Desert Legends Spins became flat when the novelty of full-screen winnings wore off. It works and looks OK, but it’s paper thin everywhere. Eye-catching metrics may have saved the day, but an average to below average RTP and 1,500x max win aren’t that great. Desert Legends Spins has little to recommend it unless you’re crazy about mysterious symbol-aided full-screen winnings.

It’s a big gaming scene with slots of diverse kinds, risks, prizes, and themes. This makes place for a low-volatility, low-potential, and low-entertainment game like Desert Legends Spins. Desert Legends Spins may find an audience, but the most odd thing about the review, save some in-game grammar, was why Max Win Gaming would develop a slot so blatantly not maxing out.

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